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Legacy of Fellnoir

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

Hello everyone! I decided I should talk about the book that I have self-published back in March of 2020 called Legacy of Fellnoir. The first book of an epic fantasy series, Legacy of Fellnoir, focuses on three POV characters: Alan, Hellion, and Kiara. It would make a great holiday gift! Word on the grapevine says it's pretty good, but I imagine I should provide you all with some information about it, so here we go!

Of the three POV characters, Alan is the first to make an appearance. Knight Commander of House Gray, Alan's story focuses on his struggle between loyalty and morality. Events in his past and present have led him to question the dubious and horrendous actions of the noble house he serves. His internal struggle comes to a climax after he uncovers horrific abuse committed by Lord Herod Gray, the patriarch of House Gray.

Hellion is the second introduced POV character. Born in the tumultuous Shattered Lands, Hellion wound up in the Aqarran Empire searching for a friend he wronged. Due to extreme events, he is thrown into prison, believed to be responsible for the assassination of Lord Xavier Martez, the younger brother of Emperor Alexandros.

The third introduced POV character, but arguably the most important is Kiara. She starts as seventy-first in line for the Aqarran Throne. Uncovering a plot involving alchemy and the twisting of the first heir and his betrothed's mind and personality, Kiara struggled to discover the reasons for these heinous abuses. On realization, she is horrified, more so when the person responsible claims to be doing so because he feels it will protect Aqarr against its encroaching enemies.

All three of them find their paths intertwined, and their choices could result in the possible extinction of humanity. An introductory first novel to a vast world and more comprehensive series, Legacy of Fellnoir introduces readers to one primary antagonist and hints at the other two. The first is reactionary rebels who wish to see Aqarr restored to the slave-owning days of old. The second, a country of religious zealots desiring a return to the horrors of the purges, a series of religious wars worse than the Crusades of our world. The third is a massive faction of elven extremists who seek the extermination of humans for the crimes committed during the Red Purge, along with dwarves and orcs for unrelated reasons.

Legacy of Fellnoir features complex characters, rich scenery, and excellent world-building, all of which are further built upon in future books. While Legacy of Fellnoir stays within the Aqarran Empire, future books will expand to other countries across the continent.

With complex histories, political and religious drama, in-depth and memorable characters, and a well put together magic system (more of which will be shown and expounded upon in future books). Legacy of Fellnoir will be a great read and gift for any fans of fantasy. Due to some heavy themes, it may be best for more mature readers.

Legacy of Fellnoir is currently available on Amazon. While I don't have a release date yet, I am working on its sequel, Legacy of Fellnoir: Embers of Adeen. Embers of Adeen will feature three new POV characters. Fans of Legacy of Fellnoir, don't worry because Alan, Kiara, and Hellion will be returning in book four, and they will be alluded to, if not outright mentioned, in books two and three.

For those who purchase Legacy of Fellnoir, I hope you will be nice enough to leave me a review. Not only do reviews help expand its marketability, but it also gives other readers an idea of what people think of the book, and it helps me improve upon its sequel and other stories that I am writing.

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanza, and for Jewish fans and readers, I hope your Hanukah was great, too!

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1 Comment

Dec 20, 2020

Go get a copy of Legacy of Fellnoir, it's a great read for fantasy lovers ... just the start of an epic series, can't wait for book two!

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