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Let's Talk Science Fiction: The Hatch

Hi everyone, I hope you are having a good day! For those that don't know, the Hatch in a relatively new book that came out on December 31, 2019, by Michelle Saftich, an author based out of Australia.

Before I started reading this, my first thought was that it would be slow, like a lot of science fiction out there. Instead, it had an enjoyable fast pace, which I found to be very refreshing. The one problem I have with the pacing is that I wish there would have been more time spent in the early chapters of Britta's time with the EASA and before she was taken by them to be a recruit. Aside from that little area, the fast pacing was a nice change from that typical of science fiction. It helped to sell the urgency and speed up the plot in a nice way.

While fast-paced, the world-building gave the reader a fun and knowledgeable view of this futuristic world. Combined with real stakes such as a world-ending threat, and the disappearance of Britta's mom and older brother, all that and more made the Hatch an exciting read. I also enjoyed the psychic abilities at Britta's disposal, such as astral projection and having glimpses into the future. It meshed well with the story and made for an excellent addition that isn't often seen in science fiction.

Outside of the action, and the fun and exciting tidbits about space and the world that the characters live in, the characters themselves are believable and a joy to read. I loved the new alien lifeforms, along with the vibrate worlds and scenes the author crafted. One part, in particular, I did find fascinating, was the bit about suspended animation. While I do wish we did get to see more of the characters, what we did learn about them showed that this is a real-world filled with people who have hopes, dreams, and desires. If Michelle Saftich does make a sequel to the Hatch, I look forward to reading it and learning more about the world she built.

Rating: B+ The Hatch is an exciting read and a fun story for any fan of science fiction. While I do think more could have been expanded on in the first few chapters, that goes to show how likable and interesting the characters are.

Five Favorite Characters:

  1. Britta

  2. Neath

  3. Cal

  4. Tilly

  5. Ray-Ray (While he doesn't have a huge role. I'm a sucker for cute pets.)

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